Beyond Skin is a non-profit theatre company dedicated to truth, to holding up a mirror and showing people their voices and the voices of others that will speak what they don't know how to say or are afraid to say.  The need to show that every human being has the same essential qualities makes an ideal world one story at a time...

      thank you to everyone who supported, Circles.  everyone who came experienced something beautiful with us.  if you came to see the show and i did not get to speak to you after, please email me and let me know what you thought.   i am writing a new play now, considering an offer to write a musical for someone, and working on a screen version of, Circles.  if you want to donate to my cause, you can go to the contact part of my website and donate there. thanks.
   here is a synopses of my play in case you missed it. 

  "Circles" is the story of a painter who imagines his ideal beauty so intensely, that she becomes fantastically alive. Using language that ranges from the banal to pure poetry, the audience witnesses this raw play like thumbing through a pile of Polaroid snapshots; each scene encapsulates the emotional control, captivity, demands, expectations, release, and joy of a relationship as it verges on disintegration.

  "I want the audience to have an experience as well as to enjoy the traditional flow of plot and story. Yet, in a dreamlike fashion, every scene encapsulates its own thing. There are no time references, each scene is meant to be timeless."
                     - Playwright, Actor, Joseph Byrne

  Circles is comprised of two central characters; Anton (the artist) played by Joseph Byrne and K (the ideal), played by Gina dos Santos. As the play develops Anton self-implodes under the reality of his creation, while K, who is born into this world as a full grown adult, learns in reverse, and wishes to experience her new life away from her creator.

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